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[CONTEST] Help Morning Musume OUTSELL Ayumi Hamasaki ~aewenXjph!p present~

An idea brought to me by aewen she was like mmm. can MM really do it? tama+shi said. Why not? And I thought, why the fuck not. LET'S DO IT! It'd be fun. SO WE DID IT!! BLBLBLBLBLBL!

~aewen.comXjph!p.com present~

She told me that Japanese fans have a plan to help Buy Morning Musume's latest single "Nanchatte Renai " [なんちゃって恋愛] and outsell Ayumi Hamasaki buy buying as many CDs as possible. I LIKE IT. The 2 Limited Editions are sold out. 2 More to go!

THE CATCH? Get it from HMV. Amazon. CDJAPAN. Or a friend in Japan. Cuz these count to Oricon Charts. An excerpt from aewen: http://aewen.com/uploader/news.php

More at the forum: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=20013.0
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