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Ode to LaLuna

It's a little tough to define what genre we belong to so you guys just have to give it a listen and hear for yourself. You can start doing that here: http://www.reverbnation.com/odetolaluna

and here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ode2laluna

We're dropping our 1st album under Inner Circle Productions: MoonBreak
The official album launch date is on August 6 but we're

selling copies of our album in advance!

They are available (locally) now! We'll give you info as soon as we iron out international sales ^^

There's been some line-up change since the last time you guys saw a thread about us here

Sin=bass/death vocals
Iah= guitar/kakkoi
Selina=synth/backing vocals

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/odetolaluna



Do you want to show your support and love for HANGRY&ANGRY ? [10 Jun 2011|07:17pm]

Then you can use this banner in your blog, fansite, etc. until the end of Japan Expo !

リンク先: http://www.japan-expo.com/en/invite/hangryangry_111.htm

HANGRY&ANGRY-f schedule for Japan Expo and banner!!

The ChrNo JPH!P Tribute Show on JPHiP Radio May 28 & May 29th [20 May 2011|05:04pm]

The ChrNo JPH!P Tribute Show (2011/05/28 & 29th)

The ChrNo JPH!P Tribute Show

will be on JPH!P Radio May 28 10:30 PM EST & repeat May 29th right after HiP HoP Hizzy. Hosted by daigong.

Now taking your song dedications and messages. Mostly I will be ranting in Cantonese, French, and English about ChrNo.

The thing I remember the most and admire about ChrNo is she is one of the HiPstaz that "gets it" - ready to contribute and take part to the best of her ability. Coming to me with ideas and always down with our HiPster schemes. I finally found her materials she submitted. A few sigs, that made me go 'GENIUS!'

and she whipped up the forum banner:

I hereby declare "Za Story of Noisy Hipstaz" the JPH!P National Anthem

and to be sung at every drunk party to honour ChrNo's brilliant comic stylings.

here's the MP3 version: http://www.mediafire.com/?gnrxvxzlh76l8e3

Lyrics 100% written by her, in Cantonese, French, and English!

The Evil Super Villain : tamatron !

If you wanna meet tama just come to IRC
she is hiding and butt lurking, don't worry
if she comes and slaps you with a large trout
that means she likes you, no doubt !

your face is a mess

master of ass : Daigong !

If you knew a bit Chinese you would like his name
it's so pervy and so friendly, all his fame !
he makes Rika worship a real business
and brushing your teeth shameless

lei haimhai sexy daiga ?! hell yes Rika is sexy !

*chorus :
Wooooo pants
you'll have to drop them all
helicopters and your hands
are just waiting for your call

Write it wordsworth !

From Risa to Risako he just loves them all
even the eggs he puts them in pokeball
but with the younger ones he can't talk pervs
that always gets on his nervs

a cat is fine too !

stomp the bug : ziggurat !

Mysterious closet wota who really loves lurking
he got horny the first time he saw High-king
Captain or Dawa wota he can't decide
that's why he would come then hide

Captain, Dawa...no Take-chan !


Momowota nachdenki !

Géant du pays des bieres avec le tshirt Momo
vu dans la video d'Erina Mano
pour revoir Momo en concert il vendrait son corps
ya pas a dire il est hardcore
(Giant with the shirt Momo from the country of Beer
spotted in the video of Erina Mano
he would sell his body in order to meet Momo again
Hardcore that's for sure)

Gutentag !

shirenu pop !

Cette petite finlandaise haute comme 3 pommes
adore jouer aux sim's avant de faire un somme
mais ce qu'elle aime d'avantage ce sont les oeufs
Hello!ProjectEggs hummm fameux
(This little Finnish girl as tall as 3 apples
loves playing the Sim's before going to sleep
but what she loves even more are eggs
Hello!ProjectEggs hummm Yummy)

let's play poupéegirl !


Inglorious basterd : masa !

yatyat hei keu kan fang do maijuu yapounmouy !
keu vouy yan den tcho lei ton panyaw yampouy !
fei heu yapoun keen rika hai keu monseun
maan maan keu vouy ty keu cheung seun
in his room everyday completely absorbed by japanese girls
he would surely come out to have a drink with some friends
fly to japan to meet rika is his dream
every night he stares at her picture

this is jph!p babe !

Grant my wish sh15uya !

If you want some asian pop ask in the asshole
he will find it for you like it's his life goal
it just means you are lazy to try google
i know you would rather ogle

upload, uploading !

It's BatCat Stryfe !

alcoholic hairy face great kebab eater
genius master of the h!p bday counter
he would make another one for Miyabi
to count the days without PB

Do you Aibutt ?

Everyone do a verse. In French, In English, In Cantonese. Her native languages. Lyrics for ChrNo.

Then we'll keep adding verses for all HiPstaz who want to get involved and make it the biggest longest JKM Remix in history. I've already had Ongaku! Project on board to produce, then we'll debut it on The ChrNo Tribute Radio Show.

I hereby rename our official JPH!P mascot as ChrNo.

she designed these back in 2007 - managed to dig these up.

how about official jph!p icons ? XD

tama xD

people on the chat want it to look like more a heart than a peach ahaha

well, just tell what i should do and if you like it

Told her I loved it, but to make it look more like an ass XD

You can see the lil guy in her drawings too.

I dreamt of cartoon series and such. Hope we can make that a reality someday, for you ChrNo!!

I hereby declare April 26 as Remembrance Day.

To remember and celebrate the life and impact Jennifer Tam has had on our lives here at JPH!P and beyond. To be forever enshrined as a JPH!P Legend:


After The ChrNo Tribute Show, we will lock the memorial thread.

The Berryz Fandom @ JPH!P will forever be strong, make you so proud homegirl. Every "BERRYZ SAIKOU! OI! OI! OI!" will be dedicated to you, mon amie.

One Love.


[15 Feb 2011|08:51am]


JPHiP NEWSLETTER December 2010: Merry XXXMAS from your JPHiP Crack Staff! [24 Dec 2010|02:01am]

Dear HiPstaz:

Happy Holidays from your JPHiP Crack Staff! Tis the season to be giving: The JPH!P Forum Awards 2010 http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=27470.0

2010 isn't even over yet and we have JPH!P WORLD TOUR plans for 2011. KMF, Vegas, Thailand, UFC, Grey Cup you name it - whenever there are 2 HiPstaz in a room, it's a PARTY.

Sakura-Con 2011 - April 22-24, 2011 in Seattle, WA

Sakura-Con 2011

This year we have Berryz Kobo in concert, Event schedule and autograph / live show details coming soon!


and the female Visual Kei group exist†trace The band will perform a live concert and attend autograph and Q&A sessions for fans.


Presented by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association, Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest . Member attendance for Sakura-Con 2010 was over 18,000 individuals; with most members attending all three days! Pre-Register now and save substantially versus at door prices. More information and registration can be found at http://www.sakuracon.org

Get planning now with your fellow HiPsters! CAN I GET AN ENCORE!

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=27659.0

Don't forget about all the year end polls in your favorite sections, such as
Ultimate Morning Musume Single Poll [FINAL ROUND] ends Monday December 27 http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=27670.0

Thank you to everyone for your continual support - post all your news, rants, reviews, pics, and butt pics whenever you can. It is the POWER of the HiPstaz like you that keeps JPHiP.com going after all these years.

Merry XXXMAS and we'll see you in 2011! Be safe and give generously.


One love,
The JPH!P Crack Staff.

Follow us: http://twitter.com/JPHiP
Become a Fan: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JPHiPcom/28893835100

LIVE up to date reports on ALL the Events: http://news.jphip.com

FOR COMPLETE COVERAGE! Forum, Image Board, and more: http://jphip.com

JPHiP Needs YOU!! Sign the "Allow Access for Overseas Idoling!!! Fans" Petition! [29 Sep 2010|07:39pm]

Dear HiPstaz:

Straight from the Non-Stop Idoling!!! Forum - Crack Staff's Ayabie calls upon all HiPstaz to help! This could affect future fandoms and the shows we love!

Reposting this entry from Acchi Muite Pie!!!

Closed Indefinitely

I have been contacted by a representative at Fuji TV On Demand regarding my access of the site from an overseas location and the distribution of Idoling!!!'s TV show through BitTorrent. They have requested a reply regarding this issue by October 13, and they have stated that they will delete my Fuji TV On Demand account if I have not replied by then.

Unfortunately, I have decided to close Acchi Muite Pie!!! until this issue is resolved. In the mean time, I have created an online petition to request that Fuji TV give overseas Idoling!!! fans a legitimate way to watch episodes of Idoling!!!'s TV show:

Allow Access for Overseas Idoling!!! Fans


You can sign this petition using your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account, or you can create an account with PetitionSpot. Please sign to show your support for Idoling!!! and help us get an official method to continue watching Idoling!!!

I also suggest that Idoling!!! fans send messages to Fuji TV, the Idoling!!! staff, the Idoling!!! members, and maybe even Masuno through as many means as possible. Relevant links will be listed at the end of this post.

Today is a dark day for overseas Idoling!!! fans. More than ever, we need to band together to show Fuji TV that we do exist. Thank you for your continued support.


This petition is the only hope for us overseas fans at the moment. It doesn't matter if you're an Idoling!!! fan or not, but every signature in this counts! Make a good deed!

One Love,

The JPHiP Crack Staff


Since Yossi is going to Thailand, please help our friend metoice from Bangkok. For those on facebook (or get a facebook!) :lol:

metoice sez "EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz go vote to me for meet&greet yosshii pass"

1. add JapanFesta Mainichi http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2446246857

Then wait for them to friend you....lol

2. and click 'Like' at this pic http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=80488&id=100001249179095

That's it! Help make a fellow Yossi fan's dream come true!

Thanks to all who already voted!! And thanks in advance!

JPHiP NEWSLETTER July 2010: CHAMPIONS!! [22 Jun 2010|11:57pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Dear HiPstaz:

With everyone with World Cup Fever and soaking in the NHL and NBA Playoff excitements, JPHiP.com keeps that winning tradition with more contests and events on the horizon!!

JPH!P OPV (Original Promotion Video) Contest WINNER!

Congratulations wordsworth for his winning DAWA SHOCK! video:

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23996.0


We been rocking The Pink Logo for nearly three years now, what better way to celebrate than to have a contest! In the Spirit of the Wu-Tang Clan, we want you to design JPHiP Logo variations for your favorite forums: The PIEHOLE aka Hello! Project, Chuuch of Charmy aka Rika forum, Fanfics, House of Seoul aka KPop forum, Girls Generation, JPop Sekai aka Japanese Music/Section, AKBar48, Non-stop Idolling!!!, Ladies Loving Forum

Enter The Pink Ass

Get your entries in by August 1st to be a part of The Pantheon of HiPness!!

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25409.0

Anime Expo® 2010 - July 1-4, 2010 (AKB48, MELL, May'n) Los Angeles, CA

Maeda Atsuko, Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi, Oshima Yuko, and all your favorite AKB48 girls arrive at Anime Expo® for concert, autograph session, and Q&A.

JPHiP.comAnime Expo® 2010

Anime Expo® is located in Los Angeles and is the nation's largest anime and manga convention. The Expo serves to foster trade, commerce and the interests of the general public and animation industry. This event serves as a key meeting place for the general public to express their interest and explore various aspects of both anime and manga, as well as for members of the industry to conduct business. AX 2010 will be held July 1 - July 4, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California.

This year's Guests of Honor include some of the following; for the full list, please visit: http://www.anime-expo.org/guests.

* Japanese Musical Artist MELL
* Japanese Musical Group AKB48
* Voice Actor Kyle Hebert
* Animation Director Toshihiro Kawamoto
* Seiyuu Yuu Asakawa
* J-rock Band Sophia
* Anime Director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe

For more information about Anime Expo® and to register, please visit www.anime-expo.org.

Get planning now with your fellow AKBar48 HiPsters!

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24876.0

JPHiP News continues to bring you LIVE coverage ALL JULY of major events, concert reviews, and even interviews with your favorite celebrities from our great writing staff made up of HiPstaz like you! Check out http://news.jphip.com shirenu's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010!

AND this awesome interview Masa did with Carl Jones (author of Here Come the Kung Fu Clones) a book about Bruce Lee knock-off movies of the 70s aka Clones better known as Bruceploitation

Greatest Interview of All Time

For Bruce Lee fans worldwide! PM John Overall to get a copy before they run out!!

Browse/Listen to JPHiP.com on your mobile device with Tapatalk!

Into THE FUTURE! did you know you can listen to JPHiP Radio on your iPod or Android device? Find the links at http://jphip.com/radio.html or browse the forum using Tapatalk! (thx Risuzu for the tip! and Davetron for setting it up!)


More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25290.0

Don't forget!! Get your votes in for...
Hello! Project Hot/Cute/Hot Graduate Polls!

Sweet, Sweet, Hanging

Tell your friends and family, the only H!P poll that matters to see who comes out on top! All in H!P Crapola for your #1 discussion on Hello! Project.

Hot! http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25274.0
Cute! http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25275.0
Graduate Hot! http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25337.0


HANGRY & ANGRY Grassroots Pimp / Street Team / Campaign ~Let's BRAINSTORM~ !

An idea spearheaded by Hitomi Heaven's BAWS Kimuuu, let's apply our pimp skills and spread the HANGRY & ANGRY love across the world via internet and on the streets.

hANGRY & ANGRY in Finland
Baby be a Hustla! If not, you only a cust-omer!

With H&A going overseas to Seattle, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and London. Where would they go next? It's useless to just sit around and do nothing. LET'S TAKE ACTION!! Bring HANGRY & ANGRY to your area!! BY BEING A HANGRY & ANGRY Pimp and promote them on your site and social media account, like facebook, twitter, etc.

Find out how and discuss: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25324.0

Ron Ron
We specialize in anything that can't be done! They say we Warriors!

July also marks the time when we pay respect to our fallen HiPster Brothers Tim Marks aka Jabronisaur (lost to us July 16, 2009) and Kyle Bouvier aka marimari (passed away July 30, 2006). Their spirit continues to live strong as we continue their legacy forever and ever. We strive as HiPstaz to be as selfless and bring that positive attitude each and every day. ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS!

From 0 posts to the 31,000 posting machine Admin, every one of YOU is a key to JPHiP.com being a CHAMPION! THANK YOU!

We are Victorious! We only in it to WIN! No surrender No retreat!

One love,
The JPHiP Crack Staff.

Follow us: http://twitter.com/JPHiP
Become a Fan: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JPHiPcom/28893835100

FOR COMPLETE COVERAGE! Forum, Image Board, and more: http://jphip.com
3 blabs| blab

JPHiP NEWSLETTER June 2010: POSITIVE POWER! [02 Jun 2010|09:04am]

[ mood | awake ]

Dear HiPstaz:

Another newsletter! You know something HOT is going down if you get another spam so soon. Here is what's been going down at JPH!P cuz the clocks ticking, we just count the hours to more JPH!P Events. WE TRIPPIN OFF JPHiPPPPositive POWER!!

Anime Expo® 2010 - July 1-4, 2010 (AKB48, MELL, May'n) Los Angeles, CA

Maeda Atsuko, Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi, Oshima Yuko, and all your favorite AKB48 girls arrive at Anime Expo® for concert, autograph session, and Q&A.

JPHiP.comAnime Expo® 2010

Anime Expo® is located in Los Angeles and is the nation’s largest anime and manga convention. The Expo serves to foster trade, commerce and the interests of the general public and animation industry. This event serves as a key meeting place for the general public to express their interest and explore various aspects of both anime and manga, as well as for members of the industry to conduct business. AX 2010 will be held July 1 – July 4, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California. More information and registration can be found at http://www.anime-expo.org.

Get planning now with your fellow AKBar48 HiPsters!

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24876.0

Japan Expo Paris - July 1-4, 2010 (MORNING MUSUME Guest of honor)

Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Eri Kamei, and all your favorite Morning Musume girls arrive in Paris for concert, autograph session, and more.


Join your Cute Moderator shirenu for JPH!P Sweet, Sweet, Hanging!®

Register now: http://japan-expo.com
More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=25017.0

Mano Erina @ Club Nokia Los Angeles July 1, 2010 WORLD PREMIERE MOVIE


Hello! Project's solo sensation hits Los Angeles at MAX 2010 (http://www.Club2theMAX.com) for a Q&A and special live. Get your tickets NOW and hang out with the JPH!P Crew.

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24589.0

Don't forget!!
Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (JPH!P Remix) Extended!!
More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24010.0

JPH!P OPV (Original Promotion Video) Contest Extended!
More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23996.0

Get them BOTH in by June 7

As they say in Finland:


(thank you)
Sweet, Sweet, Hanging

Thank you to everyone who continue to bring the pimpalicious pimping - post all your news, rants, reviews, pics, and photochops whenever you can. It is the POWER of the HiPstaz like you that keeps JPHiP.com going after all these years.

We trippin’ off the POWER of POSITIVITY!

One love,
The JPH!P Crack Staff.

Follow us: http://twitter.com/JPHiP
Become a Fan: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JPHiPcom/28893835100

LIVE up to date info on ALL the Events: http://news.jphip.com

FOR COMPLETE COVERAGE! Forum, Image Board, and more: http://jphip.com

JPHiP NEWSLETTER May 2010: WE WANT IT RIGHT NOW! [24 Apr 2010|12:39am]

[ mood | amused ]

Dear HiPstaz:

It's another semi-unregular newsletter! Just some shit that's been going down at JPH!P to keep you up to date on what's happening at The Pink Ass.

Here's some upcoming deadlines for:

Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (JPH!P Remix) Extended!!


That's right, all you singers and rappers, be a part of the JPH!P Prequel to Swagga Like Us Remix...thanks to ChrNo for writing a really funny chorus. Have fun by giving props to a fellow HiPster! Get your verses in by May 18

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24010.0

JPH!P OPV (Original Promotion Video) Contest Extended!


Only a few more weeks left, get your OPVs in for some really dope prizes. We'll feature it on JPHiP.tv Get your videos in by May 18

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23996.0

oh btw, have you watched the HiPster Miniseries Less Than Three? - starring HiPstaz like you? IT'S HILARIOUS!

Like ODB would say WE BACK BIG BABY!!

Join [jphip] Subs!


We're looking for Korean and Japanese translators to get our subbing business going again. Other positions required too. If you held positions with JPHiP Subcru in the past, feel free to re-assume the position.

Apply here: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24818.0

Did somebody say JPH!P WORLD TOUR? More crazy adventures, follow the HiPstaz as they go to:

The 2010 Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl (May 1, 2010)


If you got tickets and want to hang out with the JPH!P Crew, post in the thread. Look for the Wave of Pink Ass Logos!

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23738.0

HANGRY & ANGRY European Tour 2010 (Germany, Finland, France, UK) (5/23 - 5/24 - 5/ 27 - 5/29/2010)


The Gothic Rock Duo alter egos of Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa are touring Europe, if you are in the area - drop on by and party with the HiPstaz!! There is even a chance to get on stage and ask them a question directly!!

More details: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24215.0

And who knows who will pop out of a rice bowl when SNSD and AKB48 hits Bangkok! tamatron is ready lol


as mod of the brand new KARA forum of the Korean section, House of Seoul (thanks HartAKL85 for the name). The Korean Wave has swept through JPHiP because we keep up with shit that is relevant to OUR interests.

And don't forget to check out our very own Yuuyami, Owaranai_sLaVe , and lollipopgirl write articles at:

KPOPLIVE.com is a brand new k-pop blog, bringing the fastest & most accurate k-pop news to our readers! Get an account today and post comments!

Check out the KARA Forum: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?board=127.0

Thanks Fenrir <3
example thanks to Fenrir

If you love photochops check out the SNSD captions/macros thread!!

JPHiP IS FAM! Everyone keep up the pimpalicious postwhoring - post all your news, rants, reviews, pics, and photochops whenever you can. Radio shows keep popping up - like MAD SAI-ENCE, The Barnyard, H!P Musix Blox and Ping's 3x10 Charts.


No matter how hard, the times may seem, don't give up our plans, don't give up our dreams.
No broken bridges can turn us around. Cuz what we're searching for, will soon be found!

With Japanese groups like AKB48 (now with AKPerv section!) & Non-Stop Idoling!!! to Korean groups like KARA getting their own forum, we just keep evolving.


Of course, Girls Generation and Hello! Project be holding it down.

Like Sexy Beam says "JPH!P and then flip to the HiP. Giving props to what brought us together in the first place, but always reminding us that we're so much more."

Who knows what we'll pull out of our Pink Ass? Stay tuned...

One love,
The JPH!P Crack Staff.

Follow us: http://twitter.com/JPHiP

LIVE up to date info on ALL the Events: http://news.jphip.com

FOR COMPLETE COVERAGE! Forum, Image Board, and more: http://jphip.com

JPH!P Forum Needs YOU!! Post your SMILE! Help S/MILEAGE DEBUT! [11 Mar 2010|03:01am]



(instructions http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24170.msg685441#msg685441)



only 14 days left ......

only 3.8k ......



The JPH!P Crack Staff



JPH!P Newsletter February 2010: JPHiP.com "V" 5th Birthday WEEK! [20 Feb 2010|02:25am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Dear HiPstaz:


The crazy as fuck community reaches another year older. FIVE YEARS HOW THE FUCK?! Thanks to HiPstaz like you. Through the good and the bad, you stuck with us. Without your support we would not be here, stronger than ever. After the insanity of The Postwhoring Olympics, activity has been off the charts. AKB48, SCANDAL and Idoling!!! exploded onto The J-Music arena while mainstay SNSD anchors the brand new KPop Section, set to debut later this month. Every section had their fair share of followers - all thanks to hardcore fans like YOU!

We been through one rollercoaster year: went to the biggest events and met a shitload of superstars: From the members of Girls' Generation wearing HiPster designed T-shirts in Bangkok, putting an arm around hANGRY & ANGRY in Seattle, having breakfast and impromptu interview with Morning Musume in Los Angeles, chilling with Adult film star Jade Starr, meeting Wonder Girls non-stop, covering the Utada In The Flesh tour, kicking it with Polysics, and having Yossi report you to the authorities. JPHiP WAS THERE!! IN YO FACE!!

Unfortunately, we lost a dear friend and Crack Staff in Jabronisaur aka Tim Marks on July 16, 2009. And we continue to keep another fallen brother in our hearts, marimari through the annual Pangya Tourney. Through all the tears and the laughter, we have kept on fighting to this very day, proving JPH!P is THE tightest community in the world.

To show our appreciation...WE GONNA CELEBRATE LIKE WE NEVER DID BEFORE!! All week we've dropped a new thread / announcement daily until the big day on Feb. 22nd when we totally DROP OUR PANTS!

Day 1 2nd Annual HiPeezys time to choose amongst your fellow HiPstaz!

The thread: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23977.0

Day 2 What does "JPHiP" mean to you? make your own acronym!

The thread: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23988.0

Day 3 JPH!P OPV (Original Promotion Video) Contest

Bring your most epic palooza~ OPV submissions! let your creative juices flow!

The thread: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=23996.0

Day 4 Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (JPH!P Remix)

SEQUEL to SWAGGA LIKE US Group Karaoke It just has to be done. JPH!P STYLE.

The thread: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24010.0

Day 5 JPHiP SWAGG TAGS (nominate your Top 5)

Just a silly way to give your fellow HiPster some props.

The thread: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24028.0

Day 6 Scavenger Hunt Announcement / Details

The thread: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=24066.0

Day 7 Scavenger Hunt

Compete against fellow HiPstaz! Have you been studying your Pimp Weeks?

When and where:

Sunday. February 21, 2010 @ JPHiP.com Forums.

Round 1 at 5 AM EST for the Asians/Euros

Round 2 at 7 PM EST for the Americans

DAY 8 February 22nd, 2010 THE BIG DAY.

As per tradition there will be: EPIC AS FUCK PARTY. Drunk Speeches. And of course the signing The B-Day Banner. (submit your pix/artwork to Fifth B-Day Prep Thread)

Keep checking this thread and HiP Joint for updates!

We'll be partying it up at #JPH!P @ Spacetronix.net. Twitter IT @JPHiP and add hash tag #JPHiPWEEK and RT all the happenings and check the Facebook event page


Who knows what stuff we will pull out of our ass or into our piehole? SEE YOU THERE!!

One Love,
The JPH!P Administration

[24 Sep 2009|04:08pm]


YAMAPI earrings

YAMAPI Night Earrings 925 STERLING SILVER E145 GOLD PLATED one-sided $30
YAMAPI Night Earrings 925 STERLING SILVER E144 one-sided $18

YAMAPI Seishun Amigo Earrings 925 STERLING SILVER E143 one-sided $24

blue star EY4504 one-sided $13
white star EY4502 one-sided $13

[CONTEST] Help Morning Musume OUTSELL Ayumi Hamasaki ~aewenXjph!p present~ [05 Aug 2009|11:04pm]

An idea brought to me by aewen she was like mmm. can MM really do it? tama+shi said. Why not? And I thought, why the fuck not. LET'S DO IT! It'd be fun. SO WE DID IT!! BLBLBLBLBLBL!

~aewen.comXjph!p.com present~

She told me that Japanese fans have a plan to help Buy Morning Musume's latest single "Nanchatte Renai " [なんちゃって恋愛] and outsell Ayumi Hamasaki buy buying as many CDs as possible. I LIKE IT. The 2 Limited Editions are sold out. 2 More to go!

THE CATCH? Get it from HMV. Amazon. CDJAPAN. Or a friend in Japan. Cuz these count to Oricon Charts. An excerpt from aewen: http://aewen.com/uploader/news.php

More at the forum: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=20013.0
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THE JABRONISAUR TRIBUTE SHOW. (2009/08/01 on JPHiP RADIO 8-10 PM EST) [27 Jul 2009|06:55am]

Finalized plans with the DJs. TUNE IN!!


AUGUST 1, 2009
8-10 PM EST

Features music, reflections, and a whole lotta JAB!

Love ya bro


Post your messages to Jab:

Send in a Karaoke / recorded / written message: PM daigong or just post in this thread

Listen to JPHIP RADIO:

JABRONISAUR, R.I.P. Forever Remembered. [18 Jul 2009|05:03pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Jabronisaur aka Tim Marks passed away about an hour ago. The time is now 6:30 PM EST. July 16, 2009.

I just got a call from his brother Chuck. He told him there was 5 pages of well wishes...and that he had the best time in the world with guys like us at JPHIP who share a similiar passion. He mother and father by his side.. He could not respond but he heard.

Forever Remembered Jab, you did all you could possibly could at Anime Expo. Brother, Moderator, HiPster 4 LIFE. We love you.

Please post a message, link found at http://JPHiP.com front page and in the forum:

Radio Tributes will be airing, thanks to The JPHIP DJs. Peep his Beware the JabberJocky! Radio Show: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=14904.0

Great nod to Jab's roots in Fanfics: http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=19760.0


[26 Dec 2008|10:13pm]

selling many posters, pls visit my shop^^ thx


[10 Jul 2008|09:01pm]

[ mood | bored ]

 hey britney here also known as takagakifan in JPHIP anyone can add me

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v-u-den THE LAST STAND: a JPH!P Event to REMEMBER [22 Jun 2008|11:45pm]

The time has come. When we first came upon Biyuden, Erika and Yui were fresh noobs ... as they grew into Viyuden they DONT STOP with radio shows, movies and skits on Hello! Morning. With v-u-den, we have 3 mature ladies who have brought us much pleasure through just being themselves. Thus...it begins:

Last Message/tribute thread


Ahh, a little throwback to when we started up the RIVE as "The Rika Ishikawa Graduation Project" old habits are hard to break ...so grab your and DROP YOUR PANTS!! PARTY ON!! PRIZES* TO BE WON!! GAMESHOW?!?!

Complete details here:

Takahashi Ai Photo Album Mo Hitotsu no Ai Making of (2008-05-25) [25 May 2008|10:05am]



Her ninth PB making of video.


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